Best Nonprofit Fundraising Software: 6 Awesome Tools

Check out our picks for the best nonprofit fundraising software and tech platforms for your organization.

Explore the full suite of nonprofit fundraising software from Soapbox Engage.

Online fundraising and digital toolkits are essential components of any modern nonprofit’s operations. If your organization is just getting started, or if you’re looking for ways to make improve your existing set of tools, you’ll want to focus on nonprofit fundraising software.

This is a fairly broad category, including both the tools that donors will directly engage with online in order to make donations and the underlying software that will support your strategies behind the scenes.

We’ve selected a few top nonprofit fundraising software solutions that span a variety of core functions:

Use this guide as a springboard to begin building out your own fully-customized nonprofit toolkit. One or more of these platforms and solutions might be perfect for your organization! Let’s get started.

Soapbox Engage offers a full suite of nonprofit fundraising software and apps.

Best Nonprofit Fundraising Software #1: Soapbox Engage

Overview of This Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Soapbox Engage offers a comprehensive suite of nonprofit fundraising software and apps for organizations of all shapes and sizes. They can work as standalone tools or, if you’ve already made the move, seamlessly integrate with the Salesforce CRM platform.

While the Nonprofit Success Pack for Salesforce provides the important data management tools you need, you’ll still need to find the right fundraising and donor engagement apps that fit your budget and work for your campaigns. That’s where the Soapbox Engage suite of nonprofit fundraising software comes in!

This suite of apps is the easiest way to get up and running on the Salesforce platform quickly. It includes tools for:

With this menu of options and tools to choose from, your organization can begin building out its customized toolkit in no time.

Explore the whole set of nonprofit fundraising tools from Soapbox Engage.

Why Soapbox Engage Stands Out

Working with an integrated suite of nonprofit fundraising software has some major benefits. If you’re already on Salesforce, you know the value of using apps that integrate with your CRM platform.

With Soapbox Engage, you get access to a powerful set of online fundraising and donor engagement tools that work seamlessly with each other and with your CRM. Each tool helps you generate more useful data and, when you build out a toolkit of integrated apps, they’ll work well together to give you clearer big-picture views of your performance.

With an organized flow of data like this, you can quickly identify weak points in your online strategies and determine more effective real-time solutions. The Soapbox Engage suite is the easiest way to get your organization up and running with professional-grade fundraising, engagement, and data tools.

Check out the full Soapbox Engage software suite.

The Salesforce CRM is the perfect foundation for your nonprofit fundraising software toolkit.

Best Nonprofit Fundraising Software #2: Salesforce

Overview of This Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Salesforce is the world’s top CRM platform, and it’s an increasingly popular choice for nonprofit organizations, too! It’s a sturdy foundation for any toolkit of nonprofit fundraising software and apps.

Salesforce serves as a central structure into which all of your engagement and fundraising data can flow. There are major benefits to centralizing your data in this way, from streamlining your internal processes to helping you refine your strategies based on concrete past performance.

With less data falling through the cracks, your team can make smarter decisions than ever. Nonprofits have boosted their donor retention rates by 24%, and seen 36% increases in their constituent engagement after making the switch to Salesforce!

Salesforce is a leading CRM for nonprofits because it's a reliable base for so many fundraising software solutions.

Why Salesforce Stands Out

Salesforce is cloud-based and highly-customizable. It’s the most flexible CRM platform on the market, making it a smart choice for nonprofit organizations. The Nonprofit Success Pack lays a sturdy foundation for your new CRM platform, and then your team can explore all of the options on the App Exchange.

This marketplace makes it easy to find the right integrated tools and apps for whatever your team needs to accomplish, and there are plenty of nonprofit-specific and fundraising software solutions to choose from. As an integrated suite of apps, tools from Soapbox Engage work seamlessly with Salesforce.

Plus, eligible nonprofits can get started with Salesforce for free! There’s no reason why nonprofit organizations can’t adopt professional-grade data tools, and Salesforce has raised the bar for making these tools more accessible than ever.

Check out how Salesforce can support your nonprofit’s work.

Double the Donation is a leading nonprofit fundraising software to help you raise more in matching gifts.

Best Nonprofit Fundraising Software #3: Double the Donation

Overview of This Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

Double the Donation is an awesome tool for organizations looking to boost their fundraising revenue and build stronger relationships with donors. With this nonprofit fundraising software, you can start tapping into the world of corporate philanthropy more effectively than ever before.

Matching gift programs are a huge but highly underutilized fundraising opportunity for nonprofits. In these programs, employers will financially match the donations that their employees make to eligible organizations, and the effects can be significant.

What’s the key to raising more through matching gifts? Promote them! Many donors aren’t even aware of these programs, let alone whether or not they’re eligible. By raising awareness among your donors, you can easily begin boosting revenue with each campaign you conduct, and Double the Donation makes it easy.

Double the Donation offers effective nonprofit fundraising software to help you maximize your donors' impact.

Why Double the Donation Stands Out

With its expansive database of matching gift information and an intuitive search tool, Double the Donation has got you covered when it comes to matching gifts. No other tools offer the same level of comprehensiveness with such a streamlined user experience.

Plus, Double the Donation’s search tool integrates with plenty of leading fundraising software and donation platforms, including Soapbox Engage! Integrations like these allow your donors to easily search for their match eligibility right on your website, either on a dedicated page or directly following the donation process.

Learn more about Double the Donation.

DonorSearch is a leading nonprofit fundraising software focused on prospect research and wealth screening data.

Best Nonprofit Fundraising Software #4: DonorSearch

Overview of This Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

DonorSearch is a leading nonprofit platform to support your major gift fundraising efforts and larger development projects. As the world’s largest database of philanthropic and wealth metrics, it’s a rich resource for your organization to draw from as you identify new prospects and develop cultivation strategies.

Without an organized system for storing, organizing, and analyzing your prospecting data, your team can easily become overwhelmed and lose focus. With DonorSearch’s intuitive web-based tools and multiple integrations with leading CRM platforms (including Salesforce), you can ensure your team has everything they’ll need to succeed.

DonorSearch has long been a leader in the prospect research software space, and with good reason. They’ve helped thousands of nonprofits grow their fundraising capacities and more effectively pursue their mission since 2007.

DonorSearch offers comprehensive prospect research tools to support your nonprofit fundraising software and strategies.

Why DonorSearch Stands Out

DonorSearch stands out among competitors for one major reason: their database is the most exhaustive.

When researching prospective major donors, nonprofits typically rely on wealth markers, like property or stock ownership, to prioritize their efforts. Wealth markers are useful and fairly easy to find, but they don’t give you the whole picture about a prospect’s likelihood to give.

DonorSearch places equal emphasis on wealth and philanthropic markers, giving you a much more reliable view of a potential donor’s charitable habits and interests. These insights can be game-changers for your major gift fundraising efforts.

Explore all the features of prospect research tools from DonorSearch.

Submittable is a powerful nonprofit fundraising platform for grants management.

Best Nonprofit Fundraising Software #5: Submittable

Overview of This Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

For organizations that pursue their missions through supporting other groups or individuals in their communities with grants, dedicated grant management software is a must.

Submittable offers tools designed with grantmakers of all sizes in mind, not just large foundations. With a full set of intuitive tools, you can handle the entire grants process from start to finish in a more streamlined way than ever before.

One standout feature is Submittable’s customizable submission portal. With easy-to-use tools to configure the forms and workflows exactly as you need them, you can make sure your organization will always make a great impression on applicants, members, and constituents.

Submittable offers intuitive grant management and nonprofit fundraising tools.

Why Submittable Stands Out

Submittable stands out among comparable grant management platforms because their automation capabilities can seriously streamline your operations.

The grantmaking process involves a lot of careful and tedious work, particularly when it comes to applicant screening and application review. By simplifying administrative tasks, your team can stay focused on higher-level priorities that pertain much more directly to your mission.

Learn more about Submittable’s grant management tools.

360MatchPro is a matching gifts automation platform that can provide a major boost to your existing nonprofit fundraising software.

Best Nonprofit Fundraising Software #6: 360MatchPro

Overview of This Nonprofit Fundraising Platform

We wrote in an earlier section about the significant fundraising opportunity that matching gifts represents for nonprofit organizations. To go a step further, matching gift automation is the ultimate way to ensure your organization is maximizing the impact of every donation you receive.

360MatchPro is the leader in matching gift automation because it pulls from the exhaustive Double the Donation database of corporate matching gift policies.

With unique tools to help you identify donors’ employers, 360MatchPro helps nonprofits drive more matches to completion with its streamlined and automated features. For instance, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has raised an additional $3.4 million in employer-matched funds since partnering with 360MatchPro!

Matching gift automation from 360MatchPro is a smart way to boost the effectiveness of your nonprofit fundraising software.

Why 360MatchPro Stands Out

360MatchPro stands out because there are few other platforms that offer these types of automation features for the matching gifts process. Simply by automating email streams reminding donors to check their eligibility, you can see significant boosts in revenue.

Plus, matching gift automation saves your team a ton of time! Without needing to manually identify every donor’s employment information or chase down incomplete matches, 360MatchPro lets you stay focused on promoting your mission.

Explore the full features of 360MatchPro.

Nonprofit fundraising software is a fairly broad category, encompassing the entire toolkits that today’s nonprofits rely on to engage with donors, raise funds online, and support it all with smarter data.

These are just a few of our top picks, but keep exploring! Nonprofit tech continues to advance every day, and there’s a lot to stay updated on. Continue your research with a few additional resources:

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