Powerful online class registrations with unparalleled Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics integration

Take the hassle out of class registrations with an online experience your community will love and your staff can easily manage

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Online class registration for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
Real-time Salesforce integration for online class registration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

Your registrations saved straight to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics

With the Soapbox Engage Classes app, your registrations are processed on your website and saved straight to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, dramatically diminishing administrative time required to manage your classes so you can spend more time on your mission. Whether visitors register for one class or several for their entire family in a single order, the Classes app guides the data where it needs to go.

Simplify reporting and registration management by associating each class with a campaign in your database. Automatically match enrollments with existing contacts or create new ones when none exist - all through Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics integrations designed to work with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement.

Unlimited classes, easily managed, easily found

Create an unlimited number of courses and classes. Allow visitors to browse your entire catalog, view classes by instructor, and use powerful, elegant faceted search tools to find just the classes they're looking for. Manage semesters. Easily categorize classes by department, age group, level of experience, and more to suit your specific needs and your specific community.

Unlimited classes for online class registration for Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics
Registration options for online class registration for Salesforce

Registration options galore

Offer multiple for free or for fee enrollment types for any given class. Set enrollment start dates and end dates. Set enrollment capacities. Choose to gather attendee information through standard fields you enable, or custom fields you create. Offer volume discounts across a subset of your course catalog. Easily customize the class details and confirmation experience with text, images, or video to create a compelling ask that gets results. Restrict classes or specific enrollment options to members or other logged in users to offer benefits to your most engaged supporters.

A personalized experience to delight your users

With the Classes app, logged in users can view and manage their contact information in your CRM, view and manage their household, add new household members. and view class enrollments by family member. When enrolling for a class, they can select family members from a drop down for quick and simple registrations - or you can allow them to enroll others not in their family.

Personalized experience for online class registration for Salesforce
Easily manage course catalog for online class registration with Salesforce

Easily manage your course catalog between multiple systems

With the Classes app, you can easily export and import classes, courses, and instructors to and from Soapbox Engage. Add classes en masse as you prepare for a new semester. Easily update existing classes across your entire catalog. Maintain class information in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics and import into Soapbox Engage - or manage your catalog in Soapbox Engage and export to other systems, as needed.

Class marketing analysis directly in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics

With the Classes app, you can track the success of marketing campaigns and channels to determine which are generating the most enrollments. Easily create and share tracking URLs whose data is saved to your database with each registration, allowing you to refine marketing tactics to drive greater enrollment.

Choice of payment processor for online class registration for Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics

Affordable transactions and your choice of payment processor

Choose from, Braintree, CyberSource, iATS Payments, PayPal Website Payments Pro, Stripe, or TouchNet for seamless payment processing of class enrollments - and pay a low per transaction fee so you can keep more of your money to fund your mission.

Your brand on any device across the entire registration experience

Choose our standard template with a custom site header for a cost-conscious approach, or elect our most popular option and have us replicate the design of your existing website to offer a seamless, secure enrollment experience that highlights your organization's brand. Benefit from Soapbox Engage's mobile-friendly design that takes your visitor from class search and browse views to course and class details to registration to confirmation as easily on their smartphone as on a desktop.

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“With Soapbox Engage, we can focus our energy on what we want to do, not how we are going to do it.”

Brent Lind, Salesforce Administrator, Lawrence Arts Center