PICnet team

In the summer of 1999, Ryan Ozimek and Grey Frandsen worked within an NGO in Albania during the conflict in the Balkans. It didn't take long for them to see a challenge for those trying to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need. The technology the two had seen built back in their home state of California during the first dot-com era wasn't available to on-the-ground responders in Kosovo.

After returning to UCLA for graduate school work, their mission was clear: create a technology company that provided services to empower the missions of organizations to more effectively provide much needed services to their constituencies.

Since 2001, PICnet has brought software services to the hard-working non-profits and socially responsible businesses that make our world a better place. From enhancing online communications to building mission critical online applications, PICnet has positioned itself as a leader in Web software development, leveraging existing technologies and building unique solutions for the non-profit sector.

We've got some awesome technology skills. With our CEO on the board of directors of highly respected open source projects, and our development team's experience building software, we're setting the standard for high-quality software development and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

We're a friendly group of folks, passionate about what we do. With a diverse team of published book authors, vertical farming supporters, arts management professionals, agile software development gurus, and public policy experts, we know a lot more than just code. We bring these skills together to create accidental techie friendly solutions for our community.

We're also pretty easy to get along with. A client once described one of our project managers as the "cute but geeky guy that lived in your dorm."

Your cause is our passion.

We're also the team behind Non-Profit Soapbox, the easy and affordable content management tool for non-profit organizations, and Soapbox Mailer, a Salesforce-native mass email solution built with a nonprofit's budget in mind.

Oh yeah, we're also the folks behind all those penguins you see at the Non-Profit Technology Conference and other events around the world (like Penguin Day).