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Seamlessly accept online gifts

Delight your donors with elegant, mobile-friendly forms. Empower peer-to-peer fundraisers. Slash overhead with real-time donation form integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Raise money to rock the world for social good.

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Action for Healthy Kids uses a Salesforce donation form from Soapbox Engage to seamlessly flow fundraising data into their CRM.

Your transactions saved straight to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

With the Donations app, your transactions are processed on your website and saved directly to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, radically reducing overhead so you can spend more time on your mission.

Associate each donation form with a campaign in your database for easy reporting. Automatically match payments with existing contacts or create new ones when none exist - all through Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics integrations designed to work with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement, while being lightweight enough to keep your database instance uncluttered.

Quickly create an unlimited number of secure donation forms to meet any need

With just a few clicks, create donation form to address any need from general organizational fundraising to collecting member dues to campaign-specific appeals. Accept one-time or sustaining gifts, and offer pre-defined payment amounts specific to each frequency. Allow visitors to customize their own gift amount, share a dedication, or sign up for your newsletter. Easily customize the appeal and confirmation experience with text, images, or video to create a compelling ask that gets results.

Create an unlimited number of Salesforce donation forms for your nonprofit's website and campaigns.
Tracking and analytics are an essential part of any Salesforce donation form tools you consider.

Powerful marketing data delivered directly to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics

Easily create tracking URLs for use across different marketing campaigns and channels that are recorded with each donation to provide powerful business intelligence directly in your database - all so you can quickly determine what's working and refine efforts for maximum results.

Freedom of choice

Select from, Braintree, CyberSource, iATS Payments, PayPal Website Payments Pro, Stripe, or TouchNet for seamless payment processing, or allow visitors to donate using their own PayPal account.

Your Salesforce donation form should support multiple payment processor options for donors.
Your Salesforce donation form tool should create fully mobile responsive forms for your donors on the go.

Your brand on any device

Opt to use our standard template with a custom site header for a cost-conscious approach, or choose to replicate the design of your existing website to offer a seamless, secure end user experience that highlights your organization's brand. Benefit from Soapbox Engage's mobile-friendly design to allow visitors to give to your organization on any device.

Harness the power of peer-to-peer fundraising

Transform your supporters into passionate fundraisers by giving them the tools to raise money from their networks on your behalf. Easily create an unlimited number of peer-to-peer campaigns that allow your supporters to craft personalized appeals that convey your mission in their own words. Allow supporters to set and track personal fundraising goals. Seamlessly save transaction data straight to your database and associate it with your individual fundraisers for maximum reporting power.

Your Salesforce donation form should offer engaging offers to donors like recurring gift and peer-to-peer fundraising options.

Donations App Features

Increase Donations

  • Unlimited donation forms
    • Include customized call-to-action messages using text, images or videos
    • Customize domain and URL endings
    • Set a minimum value for donations
    • Let visitors customize their own gift amount
    • Make donations tax exempt
    • Set a default payment amount
    • Set predefined payment levels (i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze)
    • Maximize donations by allowing donors to cover transaction fees
  • Donation types
    • One-time gifts
    • Recurring gifts
    • Individual, family, and household donations
    • Corporate donations
    • Company gift matching (via an integration)
    • Members-only payments
    • Create password protected forms
    • Allow for portal access
    • Tribute gifts
    • In honor of gifts
    • In memory of gifts
    • Peer-to-peer fundraising (via an add-on)
    • Team fundraising (via an add-on)
    • Crowd fundraising (via an add-on)
  • Mobile-friendly, tablet-friendly designs
  • Progress bars, thermometers, and goal tracking meters

Manage Campaigns

  • Fundraising tracking meters
  • Let donors cover transaction fees
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising (via an add-on)
  • Customized thank you and confirmation pages
  • Customized thank you and confirmation emails
  • Customized email receipts
  • Easily publish and unpublish forms with one click
  • Test pages with full end-to-end transaction testing
  • Automatically log errors for debugging
  • Safety and security
    • Honeypot protection
    • reCAPTCHA
    • Firewall blocking by IP address
    • Firewall blocking by country
    • Firewall blocking by name and email address

Donor Management

  • Donor information saved directly to integrated databases like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Filter and search list of donations
  • Ask donors custom questions
  • Provide newsletter opt-in and sign-up option with donation
  • Donation transaction lists management and filtering to find donations quickly
  • Detailed transactions view to know everything about each donation

Payment Options

  • Accept major credit cards
    • American Express
    • Discover
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
  • Accept Paypal Standard
  • Accept multiple currencies
    • US Dollars
    • Canadian Dollars
    • British Pounds
    • Euros
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
    • PayPal Standard
    • PayPal Website Payments Pro
    • CyberSource
    • Stripe
    • iATS

Marketing and Branding

  • Customize metadata for extreme control over search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Create unique email thank you and confirmation messages
  • Include newsletter opt-in and sign-ups during donation
  • Optionally redirect after payment to a custom link
  • Include images or videos in confirmation experience
  • Social media integration
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Progress meter, thermometers, and goal meter
  • Customized domain and URL endings
  • Fully customize style via CSS
  • Incredible control of form elements
  • Customized payment buttons (radio and touch buttons)
  • Every word on the page via custom headings and labels
  • Page intro
  • Page outro
  • Form footer for address, legal information, and disclaimers
  • Custom fields for custom questions
  • Design in either a one column or two column format
  • Include images or videos in confirmation messages


  • Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement
    • Associate each donation page with a campaign in Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement
    • Auto-match payments with existing Dynamics contacts or automatically create new contacts
    • Include tracking link data to provide powerful business intelligence directly within Microsoft Dynamics to measure the effectiveness of you marketing efforts
    • Add any custom Microsoft Dynamics field
  • Salesforce
    • Associate each donation page with a Campaign in Salesforce
    • Auto-match payments with existing Salesforce Contacts or automatically create new Contacts
    • Include tracking link data to provide powerful business intelligence directly within Salesforce to measure the effectiveness of you marketing efforts
    • Add any custom Salesforce field
  • Google analytics
    • UTM tracking codes
    • Enhanced e-commerce capabilities
  • Social media
    • Facebook
    • Twitter

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“Finding Soapbox was like winning the payment processing lottery. It's allowed us to build a customized small-donor fundraising effort that tags donations to specific individuals within our program and integrates seamlessly into Salesforce in a way no other product out there was able to do.”

Molly Sterns, Manager of Outreach and Admissions, Global Citizen Year


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