Send messages to decision makers with supporter data and message details saved to Soapbox Engage - and your database!

Shape policy making by enabling your supporters to easily communicate your message to their representatives

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Quickly create an unlimited number of action pages to target key decisionmakers

Whether it's U.S. House members, U. S. Senators, state legislators, governors, lieutenant governors, or custom targets of your own choosing, quickly and easily create compelling campaigns that allow your supporters to direct and customize your message to those who need to hear it. Filter those who can act so targeted messages come only from a decisionmaker's constituents. Enable test mode for your action so you can confirm everything is ready for primetime before pushing live messages. Easily integrate Twitter and Facebook sharing to move the call to action to social channels for added advocacy oomph!

Your data. How you want it. When you need it.

With the Soapbox Engage Actions app, supporter data and details on the messages they send are saved in real-time to Soapbox as well as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, if you wish. View campaign performance in Soapbox Engage, download supporter and message details as a CSV file, or manage and view data directly in your database as part of the 360 degree view of your constituents. There is no cost per constituent name or delay in accessing the data so you can engage with your supporters immediately to maximize mission impact during the campaign and well into the future to sustain support.

Online advocacy, meet marketing intel - all in Salesforce

Supporter data and message details are only part of the picture for your advocacy campaign. Learn which marketing efforts are inspiring people to support your cause with simple-to-create tracking URLs that save marketing variables to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics with each constituent action. Use this real-time data flowing into your database to double-down on strategies that work and inform future action to maximize results.

Your action with your brand on any device

Opt to use our standard template with a custom site header for a cost-conscious approach, or choose to replicate the design of your existing website to offer a seamless, secure end user experience that highlights your organization's brand. Benefit from Soapbox Engage's mobile-friendly design to allow visitors to give to your organization on any device.

Integrate Actions into your website today!

“Finding Soapbox Engage was like winning the payment processing lottery. It's allowed us to build a customized small-donor fundraising effort that tags donations to specific individuals within our program and integrates seamlessly into Salesforce in a way no other product out there was able to do.”

Molly Sterns, Manager of Outreach and Admissions, Global Citizen Year