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Transform how your organization connects with supporters online to supercharge advocacy efforts with real-time integration with Salesforce.

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Powerful solutions for advocacy groups

  • write your decision maker letters
  • petitions
  • fundraising
  • event registration
  • email list sign-up forms

Your transactions saved straight to Salesforce

With Soapbox Donations, your transactions are processed on your website and saved directly to Salesforce, radically reducing overhead so you can spend more time on your mission.

Associate each payment form with a Campaign in Salesforce for easy reporting. Automatically match payments with existing Contacts or create new ones when none exist - all through Salesforce apps designed to work with the Enterprise Edition and Nonprofit Success Pack, and lightweight enough to keep your instance uncluttered.

Freedom of choice

Select from, Braintree, CyberSource, iATS Payments, PayPal Website Payments Pro, or TouchNet for seamless payment processing, or allow visitors to donate using their own PayPal account.

Your brand on any device

Opt to use our standard template with a custom site header for a cost-conscious approach, or choose to replicate the design of your existing website to offer a seamless, secure end user experience that highlights your organization's brand. Benefit from Soapbox Engage's mobile-friendly design to allow visitors to give to your organization on any device.

Powerful marketing data delivered directly to Salesforce

Easily create tracking URLs for use across different marketing campaigns and channels that are recorded with each donation to provide powerful business intelligence directly in Salesforce - all so you can quickly determine what's working and refine efforts for maximum results.

Personalize advocates' experience through their own self-service portal

Provide rockstar advocates, ready for deeper engagement, with web user accounts connected to their Contact record in Salesforce. Let them review and edit their contact information. Provide historical detail for petitions they've signed or advocacy letters they've sent. Show events for which they've registered and donations they've given. Offer advocate-only ticket options for upcoming events. Allow them to manage monthly recurring donations. And much more!

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“Soapbox Engage has really facilitated the campaigns we’re doing not only for the change we want to see but list growth as well. We have a list of 40,000 supporters now. Soon we’ll likely be over 50,000 and could be over 100,000 by the end of the year.”

Isaac Luria, Senior Director for Engagement, New Media and Technology, Auburn Seminary


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