Board of Directors Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages

Provide Easy-to-Use Tools for Board of Director Fundraising Success

Board of Directors Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages

Ask any board member and, if they're candid, they'll likely tell you that fundraising for their nonprofit is one of the hardest things with which they're tasked. And yet fundraising by board members is one of the biggest felt needs of staff as they seek fuel to fund the mission of the organization.

With Soapbox Engage, you can quickly create online peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns that make it easy for your board members to craft compelling, personalized fundraising pages. Set predefined donation amounts, fundraising goals, default appeals, and default images and then let your board members make these pages their own with just a few clicks. Leverage your ability to create an unlimited number of peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns so you can offer evergreen fundraising pages for each board member, individual member pages for your most important fundraising initiatives, or personalized member fundraising pages for niche needs.

All donation data from these peer-to-peer fundraising pages is sent in real-time to your Salesforce database. Soapbox automatically organizes the data to make it easy to report on the success of the overall peer-to-peer fundraising campaign while viewing donations on a page by page basis. With your choice of payment processor and a mobile-optimized front-end user experience, Soapbox Engage makes peer-to-peer fundraising for your PTA easy on your, your parents, and your donors.

Key Features of Board of Directors Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages

  • Unlimited peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns
  • Accidental-techie-friendly creation tools
  • Easy personalization of fundraising pages by fundraisers
  • Mobile-optimized design that matches your brand
  • Complete customization of donation fields to capture just the data you need
  • Choice of the following payment gateways for seamless payment processing:, Braintree, CyberSource, iATS Payments, PayPal Website Payments Pro, or TouchNet
  • Option for visitors to donate using their own PayPal account
  • Secure data integration with Salesforce and the Nonprofit Success Pack
  • Automatic Campaign hierarchy creation in Salesforce for easy reporting on a fundraising campaign and individual fundraising pages

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