Project Manager

The Big Picture

We've served nonprofits for more than 20 years, and we're looking to add another member to our team to carry on our tradition of using technology as an enabling tool to deliver positive change to the world. We're looking for a talented individual to fill our project manager position. You'll be in a hands-on role delivering solutions for nonprofits using our Soapbox Engage suite, web technology, and the Salesforce and Microsoft databases.

If you like solving problems and working hard for organizations you care about, you're in the right place.

Where's the Location?

Washington, DC, in a fun, modern, laid-back work environment (yes, we have ping pong tables and sofas). Remote work during global pandemics, and for most qualified candidates.

What's PICnet?

In 1999, our co-founders hatched an idea that seemed, well, pretty silly at the time. As two recent college graduates, they wanted to combine their passion for public service, knack for technology, and perseverance for doing good to build a company that empowered the missions of nonprofits.

The rest, they say, is penguin history.

Our company has evolved from laying ethernet cables to help nonprofits connect to the internet (remember those?) to creating the broadest and most compelling set of engagement tools for nonprofit organizations to raise more money and change the world. Think fundraising meets event registration meets advocacy meets online portals meets online marketing.

Yeah, we've been keeping busy.

With our history rooted in technology, we're always looking for the next generation PICnetter who can bring their own gifts to the table in a world that's always changing.

What's the Position?

The project manager role is all about making sure our clients receive the solutions they need to make the world a better place. Sure, that seems lofty, but seriously, that's what this role requires. A project manager at PICnet is not someone who schedules meetings and tells others what to do. It's a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves and get the job done type of role.

One minute you might be updating some HTML for a donation page, another minute you might be on the phone with a client providing a bit of online fundraising therapy. It's logging into a Salesforce org for an organization on a tight timeline that desperately needs an answer to a Salesforce issue while guiding them through all the "don't take that shortcut" counseling they'll be glad you shared a year after you've left your mark. It's guiding an organization through their first online fundraising campaign, providing a map, compass, and flashlight, leading them from idea to launch using our Soapbox Engage suite of apps. And for a dash of cross-training, it's assisting an organization getting started with the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit.

If you're looking for a position that's all about managing other people's calendars, this is not for you. This role demands attention to detail, because that small update you made to their online fundraising page can be the difference between a 20% conversion rate and 60% conversion rate. You're making an impact that will change the trajectory of an organization for the better.

What Do You Need to Excel in This Role?

There's no hard rule regarding the background or experience required for this role, but we know what's it's taken in the past to excel. Typically, folks that do great in this role have 2-5 years experience leading Web, Salesforce, or other technology projects within nonprofit environments. Certifications are not required, but having the right skills are critical. It's important to be very comfortable editing HTML and CSS code (don't worry, no additional coding skills required), creating key components in Salesforce (like objects, fields, and automations), and speaking intelligently about technology without sounding like you're trying to talk over someone's head.

And yes, there will be a performance test, and no, it won't require singing.

Got formal education? Sure, that's fantastic. Show us all your degrees, and certificates! That said, formal education is not a required measure we use to find the right people. Most folks in this role have had at least a bachelor's degree or higher, but we're always looking for the right people, not the right diploma.

Having a heart for public service is important, and you'll exceed the expectations of our community of clients if you've walked a mile in their nonprofit shoes. Work experience within or for nonprofit organizations is very helpful.

Side note: our mascot is a three foot tall inflatable penguin (it's a long story).

Why Join Our Team?

PICnet is made up of people with a keen interest in empowering organizations to solve the world's most pressing challenges, and willing to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to help our community meet their missions. We're the type of team that knows smaller organizations don't have the luxury of vast resources, so we bring knowledge far beyond our products to ensure that even the smallest organization has the support it deserves.

We also are people with lives outside the office. We prioritize family, friends, and loved ones. PICnetters have operated bookstores, performed in theatres, run marathons, traveled the globe, lived overseas in the Peace Corp, and write music.

Oh, we're also a walk-the-walk type of team. We lead with solutions, not with hype. If you're looking to find a workplace of people that are focused on action more than talk, on delivering the goods rather than the promises, you'll feel right at home within our team.

What's Compensation for this Position?

This role has an annual starting salary of $60,000 - $70,000, and comes with a variety of benefits, including matched health insurance premium coverage, on-site gym and bicycle storage, a month of combined vacation and company holidays, contributions to your favorite charity through the PICnet Giveback Fund, flexible remote work options (you know, after we all get to go back to offices), easy-to-access downtown Washington DC location, and commuter deduction options. Oh, and sparkling water and cold brew on tap.

Our View on Diversity and Inclusion

To be the best we can be for the organizations we serve, we need a diverse team that reflects our community. We want PICnet to be a place where everyone can feel welcome, and where we can use our sustainable business ethics to raise the voices of underrepresented communities. Our goal is to interview a diverse set of people for open positions before making a hiring decision, and we look forward to you bringing your unique background and gifts to the table.

How To Apply?

Submit a cover letter and resume to jobs{at-sign-here} Pro tip: write a new cover letter for this application. It doesn't need to be long, but it has to be know, like you, an original! So use your communication skills, light-heartedness, and attention to detail.