Resuscitation Academy delivers life-saving resources using Soapbox Engage and Salesforce


Resuscitation Academy's mission is to build a world where no one dies from cardiac arrest. They know that survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is extremely variable depending on location, and most communities do not have rigorous measurements in place to give an accurate picture of how they are performing in cardiac arrest management. Resuscitation Academy aims to raise awareness and preparedness through no-cost courses, webinars, and educational materials.

To do this, the foundation wanted to build a robust online community of first responders, but they did not have the tools to connect or the database to support such a community. They knew they wanted an easy-to-navigate portal where users could log in and access information, classes, and a network of other first responders and RA alumni. With Soapbox Engage, Resuscitation Academy was able to select the tools they needed, while accessing support to implement Salesforce as their organization’s database.

“We used the Soapbox Engage platform to create a portal where users could login and access resources/connect with each other. This portal has helped us share more resources, and build a better sense of community with our alumni. It has also helped us reach a wider audience, and integrates nicely with Salesforce.”

Tegan Hampton, Network Manager, Resuscitation Academy

Growing an impressive community with Soapbox Engage

Soapbox Engage's products are built for Salesforce integration, so the Soapbox Engage team provided all the wrap-around services needed to help Resuscitation Academy implement Salesforce as their organization's database. With one vendor to work with, Resuscitation Academy was able to spend less time bouncing between providers, and instead move quickly with one trusted source for the implementation of the database and the community's access to the data inside the database using a modern portal solution from Soapbox Engage.

Once they had the initial training and support around using Salesforce, Resuscitation Academy completely transformed the way they store their data and communicate across teams. They automated many of their internal processes and could newly draw information from diverse sources like emails, website forms, and user portals.

After configuring their Salesforce database, the next step was creating a portal where users could login to a personal account and access members-only information. Through the Soapbox Engage User Integration add-on, Resuscitation Academy implemented a custom login portal where users could sign in, see and update their personal information, and access resources from Resuscitation Academy.


“We set a goal of having 500 people sign up for the portal. We met that goal in the first week, and now have hundreds more people signed up,” said Tegan Hampton, Network Manager.

On the frontend, the Soapbox Engage User Integration add-on helped reach these users and connect them with Resuscitation Academy; while on the backend, Salesforce was there to automatically store and organize the data from these hundreds of portal users. Together, Soapbox Engage and Salesforce enabled Resuscitation Academy to build a large community without burdening their staff. Suddenly, their transformational resources were impacting a much wider network.

“We met our goal in part because of how easy the Soapbox Engage portal was to sign up for. Additionally, our records and data are much more organized than they have ever been, thanks to the seamless way that Soapbox Engage integrates with Salesforce.”

Tegan Hampton, Network Manager, Resuscitation Academy

Delivering limitless possibilities with solutions built for Salesforce

In addition to the User Integration add-on, Resuscitation Academy made use of the Soapbox Engage Events app, Directories app, and Forms app on their company site. With Salesforce housing all of their data, this opened a world of possibilities.

Resuscitation Academy Soapbox Engage portal

"We’re able to better connect with our alumni thanks to Soapbox Engage."

Tegan Hampton, Network Manager, Resuscitation Academy

With the Events app, Resuscitation Academy now has the capability to create online registries for events and feed that data back into their Salesforce records. With the Directories app, they are able to create engaging and searchable directories with live data from Salesforce. The option to quickly build libraries with customizable search forms makes sharing resources with their users and alumni easy and efficient. With the Forms app, they can better understand and stay connected to their community, while storing key information in Salesforce.

These tools have not only improved Resuscitation Academy from an operational standpoint, but have helped the foundation broaden the impact of their life-saving mission. As their community continues to grow, Resuscitation Academy knows they have the tools to support their cause.