Shifting perspectives on investment capital for positive change

The Global Impact Investing Network uses Soapbox Engage to support an online member community devoted to positive impact through investing
Global Impact Investing Network

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is the global champion of impact investing, an approach to investing that generates positive social and environmental impact alongside financial return. Longterm, the GIIN envisions a future where all investors (individual and institutional) integrate impact considerations into all decisions.

To achieve their mission, the GIIN builds critical market infrastructure and supports education and research. They also cultivate a community of informed investors committed to accelerating the development of impact investing. The team at GIIN knew they wanted to strengthen their online member community and chose Soapbox Engage to help them achieve this goal.

“Soapbox Engage has allowed our members to find and connect with one another, as well as access recordings and resources, and stay up-to-date with upcoming events and announcements.”

Naoko Kimura, Membership Growth Manager, Global Impact Investing Network

GIIN Dashboard

Growing a strong community with Soapbox Engage

The goal for strengthening the GIIN member network was threefold: engage existing members, broaden the member pool, and increase value proposition by offering more services, events, and information.

An older version of their membership portal included a basic member directory and a lightly used events section for posting announcements. The staff felt as though their members had no motivation to log in to the portal. They wanted a solution that was engaging, user-friendly, and educative.

Through working with Soapbox Engage, the GIIN provided their member community a more sophisticated portal. It features an announcement section, a consistently populated events section, recordings and resources, general news, and knowledge products and tools. In addition to these offerings, the portal is aesthetic, intuitive, and perfectly matches the rest of the GIIN brand and website.

GIIN Video Recordings GIIN Video Recording

“Soapbox Engage is helping facilitate greater connectivity amongst our member community.”

Naoko Kimura, Membership Growth Manager, Global Impact Investing Network

Saving valuable staff time and improving user experience with members-only Portal access

Not only does the members-only access inspire users to log in to the GIIN Portal, but it saves GIIN staff invaluable time that previously went to tedious manual processes. For instance, GIIN added an invoice page to their new member portal where members can view their past and current invoices. This alleviates the time GIIN staff spends responding to member email invoice requests.

Users can also update their own contact information, so email addresses, billing information, and other critical data are now more reliable. Time is saved for GIIN staff, while making a smooth user experience for members. Win-win!

“The GIIN portal shows some awesome member self-service, resource sharing, and event registration opportunities that GIIN has using our apps.”

Naoko Kimura, Membership Growth Manager, Global Impact Investing Network

Speedy, accurate data with real-time Salesforce integration

When a member edits their information in the GIIN portal, that information automatically updates on their corresponding Salesforce contact record. With real-time Salesforce integration, the Soapbox Engage User Integration app includes many customizable, dynamic Salesforce fields. No more dated information— smooth communication and accurate contact info help the GIIN maintain strong relationships with all of their members.

And with Salesforce as their CRM, GIIN can easily run reports on their data, view real-time analytics, and automate correspondence, all while knowing Soapbox Engage is empowering members to keep their information up-to-date.

“We have great admiration for the team and mission of PICnet, and appreciate the sincere support we’ve received over the years from the team.”

Naoko Kimura, Membership Growth Manager, Global Impact Investing Network

GIIN Member Directory

For years, the GIIN Team has fostered a passionate group of investors from around the world, dedicated to shifting the way we think about investment capital. With the help of Soapbox Engage, the Global Impact Investing Network convenes impact investors, facilitates knowledge exchange, and, ultimately, accelerates the industry’s development through community measures.