Salesforce Event Management Tool

Use Salesforce to track data for your next event

Implementing Salesforce has improved a number of your organizations’ business processes in the last year. From growing contacts to automating revenue streams, Salesforce has been a dynamic solution. Now that your staff is trained to use Salesforce, you are looking to automate more office processes. Number one on your wishlist is an event management tool.

Most of the solutions you’ve researched only sync every few hours, so you would have to wait to view complete reports. When planning events down to the last second, this is less than ideal. For several solutions you have read product reviews of data merging nightmares.

With the Soapbox Engage Events app, you can have an event management tool that pulls data from Salesforce in real-time out of the box. Your team can customize event forms within minutes using the accidental-techie creation tools. Your event forms will be optimized for viewing on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device so your users can register easily while on the go.


  • Unlimited event registration forms
  • Accidental-techie-friendly registration creation tools
  • Design that matches your website and branding
  • Complete customization of display fields
  • Secure data integration with

Ready to easily create event registration forms? Contact us and we’ll show you how to set up a seamless event management process that integrates easily with Salesforce!

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