Non-Profit Online Fundraising Tools

Raise support for your non-profit with savvy digital engagement tools

While your staff loves working at your non-profit, there is one task that they wish a magic genie could do instead: fundraising. Fundraising is critical to support your programs, but a task that your staff doesn’t enjoy. Using online fundraising tools would undoubtedly decrease the amount of staff time spent on tasks, and replace manual tasks with an automated process.

Most of the solutions you’ve seen are piecemeal. A donation form by one company, an event form by another company. Multiple vendors, multiple dollars, and all of these choices leave you with piles of data that you must merge with your main database.

The Soapbox Engage apps are one-of-a-kind in providing non-profits with a suite of digital engagement apps that integrate data in real-time with Salesforce. The suite supports a full spectrum for changemakers, from setting up events, to donation forms, to member or publication directories. Non-profits can customize donation forms, event registration forms, petitions to elected representatives, and more using the accidental-techie tools that anyone on your team can use. With the Soapbox Engage apps, you won’t have to pay multiple vendors every month, or try to integrate multiple pieces into your website. The suite serves the spectrum of digital advocacy efforts for non-profits.


  • Unlimited donation forms, event forms, and petitions
  • Accidental-techie-friendly registration creation tools
  • Design that matches your website and branding
  • Complete customization of display fields
  • Secure data integration with
  • Integrates with multiple payment processors such as PayPal,, Braintree, and CyberSource

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