Engaging through education, advocacy, and collaboration

Washington Nonprofits uses Soapbox Engage to host 200+ educational events for their community
Washington Nonprofits

Washington Nonprofits is the state association for all nonprofits in Washington. They serve thousands of organizations, making sure every nonprofit has what they need to succeed through learning, advocacy, and collaboration.

To support the nonprofits in their region, Washington Nonprofits provides hundreds of learning and networking events, maintains a robust membership program, and regularly advocates for the nonprofit sector by participating in public policy. With so much going on, they wanted to automate their operations, ensuring that they could best use their time and resources to accomplish their mission.

“Soapbox Engage’s integration with Salesforce has saved us an incredible amount of staff time by reducing much of the manual work we did to get information into Salesforce. Now we can spend less time on the data input and busy-work that doesn’t fully use the skills and knowledge of our amazing staff.”

Julia Hunter, Membership Manager, Washington Nonprofits

Working with an incredible Soapbox Engage partner

Washington Nonprofits works with one of our trusted Soapbox Engage partners, DaizyLogik. DaizyLogik specializes in Salesforce consulting for mission-driven organizations. They serve small and medium sized nonprofits by offering both Salesforce consulting and custom development services, as well as long term support. Over the years they have worked with human services, global health, environmental, and arts organizations.

Daizy Logik recommended Soapbox Engage to Washington Nonprofits because they were looking for an affordable event management tool that integrates well with Salesforce and allows staff to easily set up new events as needed.

Soapbox Engage Events app makes it easy for our client to set-up an event page, take registrations and funnel the information into Salesforce CRM. This allows them to measure their members’ engagement with the organization’s conferences and learning opportunities as well as communicate with the attendees by grouping them into emailing campaigns.”

Nineta Martinov, Principal, DaizyLogik

Washington Nonprofits Event

Easily managing thousands of event registrations with the Soapbox Engage Events app

Soapbox Engage's unlimited, easy-to-set-up event pages are mobile-friendly, customizable, and helps organizations grow their event attendance. For instance, Washington Nonprofits utilizes the calendar view to quickly and effectively show their constituents what events are available to them in a given month.

Washington Nonprofits Event Calendar

When your organization has as many events going on as Washington Nonprofits, you need to spend less time managing the data and more time delivering the events. In 2020, Washington Nonprofits successfully hosted 218 events with more than 13,000 registrations. All of the registrations were automatically logged into Salesforce without program staff needing to upload lists into their database.

“Being able to integrate event registrations directly to Salesforce has saved us an immense amount of staff time and allows us to track a more comprehensive history of interactions.”

Julia Hunter, Membership Manager, Washington Nonprofit

While Washington Nonprofits was able to fill gaps in their event registration system by using the Soapbox Engage Events app, they've also taken advantage of the Soapbox Engage Donations and Directories apps, helping them save time and money by centralizing their engagement points within one system.

Washington Nonprofits Donation Washington Nonprofits Directory

Cutting staff overhead in Salesforce to enable more mission-focused work

Salesforce provides a rich data experience for nonprofits to track all sorts of great data. When an organization is collecting many different types of data, things can get messy...and complex. Washington Nonprofits has leveraged Soapbox Engage to streamline the data collected in a "true to the core" approach, storing the data where expected in Salesforce. This allows them to more effectively work with their Salesforce consultant DaizyLogik to ensure reports, automations, and dashboards can better meet their needs.

Washington Nonprofits Event

“As the state association, we have information and contacts for thousands of nonprofits and it’s easy for the database to become 'messy' with all of the many interactions we have (duplicate contacts, incomplete history of interactions, multiple membership accounts for one organization, etc.).”

Julia Hunter, Membership Manager, Washington Nonprofits

With Soapbox Engage, Washington Nonprofits has been able to save themselves from the typical tangled web of data. Having accurate and timely event registration data pushed directly into Salesforce has allowed them to focus their time on their mission, ensuring the nonprofits of Washington have a strong voice advocating for them.