Non-Profit Donation Form Template

Set up donation forms that match your branding and attract donors

Your organization works tirelessly to create programs that have impact in your community and around the world. Funding is critical to make sure some kids can go to summer camp, or that trees are planted in the park, or that someone who is hungry can eat a warm meal.

At a non-profit it is hard to balance planning impactful programs with securing support. For each event or fundraiser your staff is scrambling to find donation forms that the team can quickly set up and that appeal to donors. Without a donation form template, this process is stressful and can detract from time spent on executing programs.

With the Soapbox Engage apps, non-profits can use a donation template an unlimited amount of times that will prove easy for your staff to use and appealing to donors. The template will be set up to match the branding and design of your website, and they can be set up by anyone on your team using accidental-techie tools. The donation template is optimized for viewing on a mobile phone or tablet, so your donors can conveniently complete the necessary information that gives life to your programs.


  • Real-time integration with Salesforce
  • Optimized for viewing on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens
  • Design that matches your website and branding
  • Complete customization of fields to display

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