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In order to provide great member benefits and services, your association needs to generate the right revenue streams that align well with your mission and community. One way many associations found successful revenue streams is through sponsorship opportunities. This enables your association to provide prospective sponsors with a targeted and niche community, and in exchange you’re able to charge a premium for that access to potential customers.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult and expensive to build sponsorship forms on your website that collect this data into your association management database, like Combine that with needing to collect credit card payments in real-time, automatically, and things get difficult fast.

Using the Soapbox Engage platform, you can easily create a beautiful and mobile-optimized sponsorship forms for your association. Without knowing any code, the non-technical folks on your team can create, customize, and publish sponsorship forms. You’ll even be able to make sure the sponsorship form looks just like your website’s design, ensuring your potential sponsors know exactly who they’re contributing for their sponsorship fees. Even better, the sponsorship data can be sent directly to Salesforce in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about double-data entry into another system. It’s all automatic!


  • Unlimited association sponsorship forms
  • Accidental-techie-friendly association sponsorship form creation tools
  • Design that matches your website and branding
  • Integrates with multiple credit card payment gateways like PayPal,, Braintree, and CyberSource
  • Complete customization of fields to display
  • Real-time integration with

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